Bright Way Solution, Inc.

The company Bright Way Solution, Inc. has been established by a fusion of companies and people with many years of experience in the information technology market. The founding subjects complement properly each other, so they create complex options of services for our clients. We make every effort to bring a maximal added value to our clients.

“Our mottos are comprehensible, simple technical solutions.”

We transform complicated procedures that are used in information technology to comprehensible and simple form, so their use would be available without extensive knowledge. This need is shared by all people around the world, and therefore we are building a branch network on continents.

Nowadays, we realize contractual projects in Latin America.

We are the company that does thighs just differently.

It is not just that to do things differently and better. So that the company could start out on this journey, it was necessary to create an internal structure that is able to reach this goal. So we put together the top experts in the IT industry who work with us, they also own shares of the company. Thus everyone is perfectly motivated to do the best job and leave their all skills and a part of their hearts in the projects of Bright Way Solution, Inc.

The company’s executive management is also consisted of experts with many years of experience and a clear vision.

Due to this structure, we are endowed with highly necessary competences and stability of our personnel, so we can guarantee a consistency, continuity, quality and a highly added value of solutions.

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